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April 28th, 2004

08:29 pm
You have a guardian angel no doubt about it. Even
though you haven't exactly seen him, he's
watching over you without-a-doubt.. who knows..
maybe it's love?

would an angel, demon, or pure evil fall for you? (now w/ pics!)
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April 20th, 2004

10:09 pm

Your Inner Eye Color Is Blue

You've got the personality of a blue eyed women

You're intense and expressive - and always on the go

You've also got a sweet, playful side - which draws men in

What's Your Inner Eye Color? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
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10:01 pm

You Should Be With an Air Sign!

Your best match is a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius

Why? You crave excitement and playful banter

Only an Air Sign can match your wit - and keep you on your toes

As for fun, an Air Sign guy will show you plenty… with tons of surprises

Just be sure to introduce him to some new playful experiences as well!

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09:36 pm

You Will Be a Modern Bride!

While you aren't ready to throw away all wedding tradions, you want a wedding with a twist

You're more inspired by celebrity weddings on E! than from bridal magazines

Whether this means getting married on the beach barefoot or a mariachi band for the reception...

Your wedding will be a blend of old and new - white dress cocktail, personalied vows, whatever suites you!

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April 5th, 2004

12:20 am
Your a Guradien Angel! Guardien Angels are also
knows as Warrior Angels, because they are the
army of God. Not always meaning that they are
in war, simply that their job is to protect
unwary humans from dark dragons, or other evil
demons. Warrior Angels are not always friendly
with humans, but they will watch over them all
the time. Humans say that when a miracle
happens, thank your guradien angel.

What Kind of ANGEL are you? (For Girls only) This Quiz has amazingly Beautiful Pictures!
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12:03 am
Lion King!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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Cool must be why i love the film so much!!!
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April 4th, 2004

10:47 pm - A biography of johnny depp

It's been a bizarre and bumpy road for Johnny Depp. He tried to be a rock star, only to see his band split. He moved into serious acting, only to have his credibility destroyed by accidentally becoming a teen pin-up. Then, defying his idol-status, he threw himself into the cinematic underground and slowly, slowly proved himself to be one of the most adventurous and genuinely bohemian actors of his generation.

He was born John Christopher Depp II on June 9th, 1963, in Owensboro, Kentucky - the self-styled "barbecue capital of the world". His father, John Senior, was a city engineer, and his mother, Betty Sue, a waitress. He was always very close to his mother, but perhaps even closer to his grandfather, who he knew as Pawpaw (Depp himself was known as Dipp or Deppity Dawg). He'd visit Pawpaw often, and happily recalls sunny days picking tobacco together. It was a terrible shock to the seven-year-old boy when Pawpaw died.

Also traumatic was the family's move to Florida soon afterwards. John Senior did eventually find secure work as director of public works at Miramar, but the family spent a long time living in motels and were constantly shifting from place to place - well over a dozen in total. It was bad for the older kids - daughters Debbie and Christie (now Johnny's personal manager), and brother Danny (known as DP, now a screenwriter) - but Johnny took it especially hard. Though an inquisitive child - at 8 he was hugely interested in Evel Knievel and World War 2 - he did not take to school and went off the rails, once being suspended for mooning the gym teacher. By 12, he was smoking, very soon came drinking, and drugs. There was petty theft and vandalism, he lost his virginity at 13. Small wonder he got into rock and roll.

Johnny first discovered a love of music back in Owensboro, when attending the church of his uncle, a fundamentalist minister. His uncle would preach, the people would clutch his feet and be redeemed, but Johnny was more taken by the gospel music. In Florida, as this troubled adolescent became a surly teenager, he received a guitar from his mother and, like millions before him, retired to his room and taught himself to play.

On emerging, he was a competent garage rocker. After trying out with various outfits, he joined punksters The Flame and found himself making $25 a night at Florida's nightclubs. There were drawbacks. Still underage, he had to enter clubs through the back-door and leave after the first set. But it was good, and got better. Changing their name to The Kids, the band started to take off, supporting such luminaries as Talking Heads, B-52's and Iggy Pop (Depp remembers his first self-consciously punky words to Iggy being "F*** you! F*** you! F*** you!". Iggy called him "a little turd" and ignored him). Depp had dropped out of High School at 16 to concentrate on music (his parents were divorced the year before). Now, in search of the big time, the band relocated to Los Angeles.

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10:05 pm
Ok, egnore that entry below it was meant 2 go to the johnny depp communitie!!!!!
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09:59 pm
Hey everyone, this community sonded soooo cool so i joined it. I'm absolutly obsessed with JOHNNY DEPP!!!!
How do u get them cool animated icons of johnny depp?? plz reply

bye xxx
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12:04 am

I'm Rachel Green from Friends!

Take the Friends Quiz here.

created by stomps.

ummm, yeah rite! :p
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